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Heavy equipment helps major countries make breakthroughs in heavy equipment


In the past year, China's heavy machinery enterprises have overcome multiple difficulties and insisted on technological innovation and research and development. A number of major technological achievements have filled the national gap. According to the information released by the China Heavy Machinery Industry Association, the reporter of China Industry News reviewed the heavy equipment industry and saw that the technical achievements made by the industry in the past year were exciting.

The world's largest 550t casting crane manufactured by Taizhong Group was successfully lifted and delivered. The crane adopts an innovative bridge structure, simplifies the wheel layout mode, reduces the weight of the crane running mechanism, and realizes the lightweight of the product.

The developed seven-axle heavy-loaded hydraulic mechanical arm with the largest grabbing weight and the longest cantilever travel has broken the foreign technological monopoly, and the maximum grabbing capacity can reach 2.5 tons. It is fully hydraulic driven, mainly composed of the traveling body assembly, telescopic boom assembly, jib assembly, wrist assembly, hydraulic system, electrical control system and other parts.

The flexible multi-fulcrum large-span aircraft maintenance crane manufactured by Oliton crane was officially put into use in Haikou Airport HNA Base. The 6-fulcrum, 72-meter span aircraft maintenance crane adopts Aolitong's patented technology of "flexible main beam" and "flexible lifting point" to fully ensure the smooth operation of the crane in the super-large grid frame hangar, completely eliminate the potential of rail gnawing, and at the same time has good adaptability and compensation ability for the deformation of the hangar grid roof.

QBE160 (160+160) ton explosion-proof bridge crane developed by Yufei Heavy Industry Group is applied to the assembly and transfer of the world's largest thrust solid rocket motor. The crane is the largest single lifting equipment in the field of explosion-proof crane, filling the gap in the application of aerospace.